Christmas Joy


Christmas Joy Offering

We offer our gifts during this Advent Season to the Christmas Joy Offering because God shows us the power and importance of being together, of 'being with'. We might not be able to meet face to face with all those that need the support that our gifts provide, but we are still very much together. This offering says we see the potential of students of color who will become our future leaders and we seek to come along side them, to encourage them, and be together with them. This offering supports church workers who have critical financial needs and we come along side them to assist them.

One of the people helped by this offering recently was Rev. Meg Showman, who earned her MDiv from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. She accepted a full time call at the Children's Hospital of Alabama in 2018. Although the position was a great fit, the culture wasn't. A little over a year later Meg decided to return to her hometown in Harrisburg. She returned with the plan to seek a call more locally...and COVID happened. Meg found herself with a part time temporary pastoral position and a part time position at a coffee shop. When COVID shut the coffee shop down, she knew she needed some financial help. Meg reached out to the Assistance Program of the Board of Pensions, she received an emergency grant. The grant allows her to meet her basic living expenses, so her focus can be discerning her next call. Thanks, in large part to the Christmas Joy Offering, Meg believes she is now on the right road.