Christmas Joy


Christmas Joy Offering

The Christmas Joy Offering has been one of the four Presbyterian denominational missions since the 1930s. During the Advent season, we are invited to join Presbyterians across the country to generously support the dual purposes of this this mission offering. Half of the donations support current and retired church workers and their families with critical financial needs, such as medical expenses and housing assistance. The other half supports Presbyterian-related schools in providing education and leadership development for students from communities of color. So, our combined contributions honor and support leaders who have devoted their lives to the church and they support and encourage the development of the future leaders of the church.

We target our monthly mission offerings for the third Sunday of the month, but you can donate to this offering anytime during December by designating a portion of your contribution on your offering envelope as ‚ÄúChristmas Joy. Your donations provide essential support for current and past church leaders in their time of need and future leaders in their time of promise. Thank you for your generosity!